Tengiz Tsertsvadze: I remain of the opinion that the Chinese vaccine is not something not to be taken seriously, but I did not recommend bringing in this vaccine

12.01.21 10:45

Tengiz Tsertsvadze, director general of the Center for Infectious Diseases and AIDS, said he had not recommended the introduction of a Chinese-made vaccine.


"In recent days, some media outlets have been trying to portray with enviable diligence that I am recommending the introduction of a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine in the country, which is not true. In this regard, I would like to state the following:


1. I lead only the COVID-19 Clinical Management Group, I am not a member of the Coordinating Council of the country and therefore I do not participate in the decision to introduce this or that vaccine in the country even at the consulting level.


2. As far as I know, currently the leadership of the country and the Ministry of Health are actively working to bring in a quality vaccine in the country as soon as possible. Negotiations are underway on several vaccines with producing countries and companies. WHO leadership is involved in the process. The position of the country leadership is to introduce only those vaccines that will have a WHO pre-qualification (recommendation) or a recommendation from any serious regulator (FDA, etc.). It should also be noted that due to the very high demand for vaccines in general, it may be difficult or even impossible to bring the specific vaccine that suits the country the most.


3. Personally, I consider it optimal for Georgia to import a vaccine produced by the University of Oxford in England and the company "AstraZeneca", as the latter is of high quality and reliability (not less than "Pfizer" or "Moderna" vaccines) and at the same time It is free from the logistical difficulties required for the last two vaccines. In particular, the AstraZeneca vaccine does not require -80⁰ or -20⁰ for storage and transportation and is stored at room temperature. This position of mine is clearly stated in all the interviews and has been broadcast on "TV Formula", in the program "Formula News" of the evening of January 9 (20:21) and in "TV Imedi" in the morning show of "Qronika" on January 11 (11:18).

4. As for the Chinese vaccine, I have stated and I remain of the opinion that the Chinese vaccine is not something not to be taken seriously, and may be no less effective, as evidenced by the fact that this vaccine is used to vaccinate the population in China and this vaccine has been purchased by countries such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, etc. But, I repeat that I did not recommend bringing in this vaccine, especially since this issue is not up to me to decide", - Tsertsvadze wrote on the social network.


source: IPN 

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