Georgia "only for Armenians." Margarita Simonyan urged Russians not to go to Georgia

03.07.19 14:00

The latest events in Tbilisi were used by the Armenian lobby to whip up completely wild Georgian phobia. Pro-Armenian media issue public anti-Georgian materials one by one. Armenian trolls on social networks outright hate Georgia. But compared to 2008, fewer and fewer Russians are being fought for this Georgian hysteria. Especially those who have recently been in Georgia and have not met anything but sincere benevolence from Georgians.


As a result, the “anti-Georgian wave” very quickly began to fade away and on social networks the sympathies of ordinary Russians towards Georgia increasingly “interrupt” the negativity from the Armenian provocateurs.


This terribly enrages the Armenian lobby. Their plans include the destruction and dismemberment of Georgia by the hands of the Russians, with the help of Russia taking away Samtskhe-Javakheti from Georgia and, if possible, “breaking through the corridor to the sea”.


Naturally, in the occupied Abkhazia, the Armenian lobby, with the help of the Russian Federation, also wants to strengthen its position so that there is no question of the return of Georgian refugees.


For so many years, the Armenian nationalists tried to make the Russians to hate the Georgians, but it is enough for the Russians to visit Georgia at least once and “all Armenian work goes for nothing”. Ordinary Russian people do not want to see enemies in Georgians as Armenian provocateurs try to do.


Despite the ban on direct flights from Russia to Georgia since July 8, not all Russian tourists change their plans. Many people agree to fly "with transfers", through Belarus or Azerbaijan, but they want to visit Georgia.


As a result, Armenian propagandists of the highest rank took up the “scaring” of Russians about Georgia. Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian state television channel RussiaToday, urged Russians not to go to Georgia under the slogan “Russian, respect yourself!”. She is ready to become a “Russian nationalist”, but her image is unlikely to be able to inspire anyone.


The reason for the anti-Georgian utterances of Simonyan was the statement of the Georgian singers Nino Katamadze and Anita Rachvelishvili about refusing to perform in Russia while the occupation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region lasts.


“And I have a question for my fellow citizens - someone really wants to rest in a country where artists are forced to apologize for being deranged by touching us?” Do Russian nationalists have the slogan “Russian, respect yourself!”? A little more, and I myself will become a Russian nationalist here with you, ”said Simonyan.


Recall that at the end of April Margarita Simonyan was already pretending to be a “Russian patriot”, using as a pretext the presidential decree on the simplified distribution of Russian citizenship to Donbass residents, to propagandize absolutely wild Islamophobia and racism. Then Margarita Simonyan “worried” about the alleged danger of Islamization of Russia, in which the majority would choose conditional Habib Nurmagomedov as president, which is absolutely, in her opinion, unacceptable.


At the same time, Margarita Simonyan is not at all outraged that the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation (that is, in fact the second largest position in the state) is headed by an ethnic Armenian Sergey Lavrov (Kalantarov). And of course, she will not mind anything if any Kalantarov, Kalantaryan or Simonyan becomes the President of Russia.


The question arises, how can a person who sows interethnic and inter-religious discord and hatred be the main propagandist? Does the Russian leadership realize that Margarita Simonyan with her provocative statements complicates both the internal situation in multinational Russia and its relations with its neighbors?


I wonder why Margarita Simonyan urges only Russians not to go to “bad Georgians”. If Georgians are such “bad” - so maybe an ancient and cultural Armenians” don’t need to go to Georgia “in order to say “not damage their cultural level” from communicating with “barbarians”?


But no. Armenians go to Georgia by the millions. The whole Armenian transit goes through Georgia. And Simonyan does not at all urge his fellow tribesmen to refuse to travel to Georgia, to travel through Georgia and in transit through Georgia to transport goods.


From the point of view of Armenian interests, the fewer Russian tourists, the more profitable for Armenians.


First, Georgia’s economic problems are exacerbated.


Secondly, Armenians can take advantage of the plight of the Georgians in the busy tourism business, which, because of a decrease in the flow of tourists from Russia, incurs losses.


The fewer Russians in Georgia, the more Armenians feel that they are “masters of the situation”. Armenians are eyeing the Georgian land and Georgian real estate, including in resort areas. Citizens of the Russian Federation, who also recently were interested in “competitors” for them. Moreover, Russians who come to Georgia, unlike Armenians, are usually out of politics.


Armenian provocateurs and propagandists continue to deliberately sow hostility between Russians and Georgians, not least in order to weaken Georgia and become themselves “masters” in it.




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