"Tskhinvali-genocidal precedent": the Armenian lobby is preparing a provocation in Karabakh

05.12.20 10:10

After the Russian peacekeepers were brought into the places of compact residence of ethnic Armenians under the November 10 ceasefire agreement, some Armenian nationalists "revived" and began to recall the "Tskhinvali precedent". With hints that "the Turks will definitely attack the Russian peacekeepers" and "Russia needs to be ready for this" in order to "repulse the aggressor."


Let us remind that the pretext for the Russian aggression against Georgia in August 2008 was the alleged “threat of genocide” of the Ossetian population and the alleged “attack on the peacekeepers” of the Georgian army. The fact that at the same time Ossetian separatists and the so-called "peacekeepers" regularly fired at peaceful Georgian villages was deliberately "forgotten".


At the same time, if we take into account the anti-Georgian hysteria of all pro-Armenian media without exception in August 2008, it has long been clear in whose interests that war was unleashed. As well as the recognition of the fake “independence” of the separatists (it should have been the same with “Artsakh” in order to “avoid the Armenian genocide” - that's what the Armenian media wrote right then).


And now, after Armenia “completely” lost the war in Karabakh, it seems that it does not lose hope with the help of the same Russia to seize foreign lands again. Using all those Tskhinvali provocative precedent, with an alleged "attack on peacekeepers" and an alleged "threat of genocide" of the separatists.


This is how one should evaluate the appearance in the pro-Armenian edition of the next anti-Georgian material “The US bases will not help - Georgia was reminded of responsibility for the genocide of Ossetians” ( pomogut-gruzii-napomnili-ob-otvetstvennosti-za-genocid-osetin), which was previously published in the separatist newspaper South Ossetia.


The reason for the release of the material was the recent discussion on November 26, 2020 of the 22nd consolidated report of the Secretary General of the European Council - "Conflict in Georgia". The document expresses deep concern over the continuing deterioration of the human rights and security situation in the separatist, so-called. "South Ossetia and Abkhazia", ​​and contains a demand for the immediate opening of checkpoints on the line of separation with the occupied territories, and also emphasizes the existence of facts of ethnic discrimination against Georgians. Here are excerpts from the article:


“…It is possible that such statements made by the diplomatic duet of the EU and Georgia were a kind of response to the recent report of the Investigative Committee of Russia about the identification of persons involved in the genocide in South Ossetia.


In particular, as noted by the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Fedorov, the names of persons involved in the genocide and murder of Russian peacekeepers have been identified.


“Sooner or later they will be detained and the cases of the crimes committed will be brought to court,” Fedorov stressed at the international forum “Lessons from Nuremberg...


In South Ossetia, 2020 was declared the year of genocide, in connection with which various events were held in the republic in the area of ​​information policy, scientific institutions and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An emphasis on increasing the dynamics of efforts to internationally recognize the Ossetian genocide was also made in the message of the President of the RSO...


...Repressions and forcible assimilation of Ossetians during the period of South Ossetia joining the GSSR, Georgia's armed aggression against South Ossetia from 1989 to 2008, accompanied by massive ethnic cleansing, was a direct consequence of the fact that for many years the truth about the 1920 genocide was hushed up. and the perpetrators of the crime of genocide were not punished...


South Ossetian diplomats, journalists and representatives of diasporas will not only have to convey objective information about the genocide of Ossetians in 1920 and 1989-2008 by Georgia to the public of other countries, but also publish numerous proofs of the continuation of the policy of ethnic cleansing by today's Georgian authorities.

The operation of forcing the aggressor to peace, carried out by the Russian Federation, and the subsequent recognition of the independence of South Ossetia, made it possible to end the genocide of the Ossetian people on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia, ”writes Eadaily.


If we replace in this text "South Ossetia" with "Artsakh" and the mythical "genocide of Ossetians in 1920" to the no less mythical "Armenian genocide of 1915", then everything falls into place. Those who support separatism in the South Caucasus do not abandon their attempts to reignite the war in Karabakh, in the interests of Armenia, with Russian hands. Using the standard cliches "the threat of a repetition of the Armenian genocide." But the "attack on the peacekeepers" is quite capable of organizing the Armenian provocateurs themselves.


The focus of Armenian propaganda on the myths about the "Ossetian genocide" and "attack on peacekeepers" in August 2008 is directed not only against Georgia, but also against Azerbaijan and against peace in the South Caucasus in general. We must not forget that if the war in Karabakh is rekindled by Armenian provocations, the transit routes from the East to the West through the territories of Azerbaijan and Georgia may again be under threat. And some may be ready to sponsor the cutting of these highways."


Therefore, measures are needed to prevent provocations against the same Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh. And the presence of Turkish peacekeepers here is just necessary in order to slightly "cool the fantasies" of those who intend to undertake such provocations.




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