Member of Girchi Party: opposition not to change demands

04.12.20 11:55

Iago Khvichia, a member of Girchi Party said that the opposition remains committed to its demands and that no big surprises are expected at the third round of negotiations likely to take place between the ruling Georgian Dream and the opposition in the coming days.


Khvichia told journalists after the opposition’s meeting on December 3 that he has positive expectations about the third round of talks.


“I expect the negotiations to continue and bring the result that will shape the future of this country,” Khvichia said.


Nine opposition parties that passed a 1% threshold to enter the new Georgian parliament refused to recognize the October 31 parliamentary election results, calling them rigged.

The U.S. and EU Ambassadors to Georgia are facilitating the negotiations between the ruling Georgian Dream Party and the opposition, though the first two rounds ended in no promising results.


The opposition has 3 demands: snap elections, new administration of Central Election Commission and release of political prisoners



source: 1TV

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