Georgian FM: political issues to be discussed at parliament, the boycott is no solution

03.12.20 16:35

We need to consolidate both the public and the political spectrum, as the country is facing serious challenges, and I believe common sense will prevail, – Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani commented on the opposition’s boycott of the parliamentary elections and the third round of negotiations.


“Our international strategic partners, our European partners, repeatedly and directly call on the Georgian opposition saying the boycott is not the solution and a parliament is a place to discuss important political issues. We heard these messages from our partners yesterday too. I am sure our opponents will take it into account, as this issue is in the interests of our state,” David Zalkaliani said.

According to the Minister, bearing in mind the challenges and the geopolitical situation, it is no time to bring the political process into the streets, out of the parliament.


Opposition parties refuse to enter the parliament, calling the results of the October 31 parliamentary elections rigged. The ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition held two rounds of negotiations facilitated by the foreign ambassadors accredited in Georgia.




source: 1TV

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