The so-called Tskhinvali security committee: "Border" violations from the controlled territory of Georgia have recently become more frequent, at which times social protection is requested

03.12.20 12:25

The so-called state security committee of occupied Tskhinvali claims that the "border" violations from the territory controlled by Georgia have become more frequent, - reports the agency "Res".

According to them, the violators apply to the de facto government for social protection.

"On November 30, near Artsevi, two Georgian citizens were detained, residents of the village of Kveshi in Gori district and the village of Teliani in Kaspi district. During the preliminary investigation, the violators named the reasons why they committed an illegal act: it is the lack of necessary conditions for existence, unemployment and a miserably small pension. This fact once again proves the unpreparedness of the Georgian government and the unwillingness to look into the problems of its population", - the de facto agency said.



source: IPN 


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