Sergi Kapanadze: Negotiations should be about new elections, if it does not happen, we will get a one-party, communist parliament

23.11.20 15:55

According to Sergi Kapanadze, one of the leaders of European Georgia, the main topic of the third round of talks between the opposition and the government should be new elections and a concrete, rational proposal should be made by the latter.


As Kapanadze noted, if the government does not do it, they will get a one-party, communist parliament.


"We expect the third round of talks to take place in the coming days with the participation of our American and EU partners. Here, it would be most logical for the Georgian Dream to make a concrete, rational proposal that would ease this political crisis, and if such a proposal were made, naturally, we would consider it in this format. However, our demand and the main goal is something that is known to everyone - all this should be about new elections. If this does not occur, then everyone knows what will happen. It will not come as a surprise to anyone. We will get a one-party, communist parliament, which exactly befits the second round that the Georgian Dream conducted and shamefully celebrated", -Kapanadze said.


source: IPN 

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