The Georgian Association of Clinics appeals to the government and states that field hospitals should be opened nearby the large clinics

23.11.20 14:50

The Georgian Association of Clinics appeals to the government regarding the regulations against coronavirus and states that field hospitals should be opened near large clinics - tents for 100, 300, 500 patients, which will be provided with appropriate equipment.

According to them, in the acute phase of the fight against coronavirus, a number of shortcomings were revealed in the healthcare system. According to the Association of Clinics, it is vital to man up the system with highly qualified and professionally selected staff, many of whom are in academia.


"At the same time, it is desirable not to be limited and, if necessary, to invite our compatriots from abroad, who have accumulated sufficient skills in the fight against coronavirus, clinical management and health care system management. It is vital that the military medical service assist the civilian health sector. It is recommended to immediately open military field hospitals near large clinics in western and eastern Georgia, tents for 100, 300, 500 patients, provided with appropriate equipment, heating and air conditioning. Military doctors, military nurses and paramedics should be actively involved in the fight against the virus. In order to improve the fight against coronavirus, it is necessary to tighten regulations, but not in terms of "lockdown". Georgia's economy and social sphere will not be able to withstand the full restrictions. Maintaining jobs is vital.

With all this in mind, it is recommended: for the vulnerable group to apply the principle - "stay at home"; Restrict the movement of people of retirement age in public places, as they are prone to chronic diseases; To limit the number of passengers on public transport, it is recommended to travel in a minibus, bus and subway car only in a sitting position, keeping a distance; Traveling on foot is not recommended, as the virus is characterized by sedimentation and can easily endanger a passenger sitting nearby; To allow merchants to continue working at a distance, it is recommended to have only 4 people in an area of 10 square meters at a time; Any food outlet is recommended to work in open space and keep a distance of at least 4 meters between tables; In beauty salons, it is recommended to keep the distance between the seats, use disposable aprons and after each service, the stylist's tools should be cleaned with a disinfectant solution; For the safe operation of dental clinics, it is recommended that all patients undergo a rapid coronavirus antigen-based test before receiving dental care, in which case the answer is known within 10-15 minutes", - reads the statement.



source: IPN 

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