Sergi Kapanadze: We will continue to fight for new elections using all tools, but not - Parliament

19.11.20 13:50

We are going to continue the fight for new elections and we will continue this fight using all the tools, but not the Parliament, - said one of the leaders of "European Georgia", Sergi Kapanadze.


"Yesterday the opposition had a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of State. It was another opportunity for us to explain the decision taken by the opposition spectrum and to discuss the large-scale irregularities that prevent us from entering parliament, as the officially published results simply do not reflect the will of the people. The opinion expressed by State Department officials is well known, they prefer the institutions to be used to the end and the struggle to continue in Parliament. Just one thing that could be explained to them is that the institutions do not work with us. There is a court that directly executes Ivanishvili's order, there is CEC that has not considered any complaints, there are district commissions that have refused to recount. So what would ideally be right, that is, the use of institutions, is simply irrelevant in our case. Our position does not change, we continue to cooperate with our American partners, but our position stems from the harsh reality created by Ivanishvili when he rigged the elections and seized power. We are going to continue the fight for new elections and we will continue this fight using all instruments, but not the Parliament. Because the parliament is not legitimate", - Kapanadze said.

For reference, a meeting was held yesterday between the US Assistant Secretary, Philip Reeker, and the leaders of the opposition parties. According to the representatives of the opposition parties, the parties discussed the current political processes and elections in the country.


source: IPN 

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