EPRC Head says Anaklia Port project was discussed during NGOs' meeting with Pompeo

18.11.20 15:35

Nino Evgenidze, Director of the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), said during a meeting with Secretary Pompeo, NGO’s touched upon issues related to democratic governance, improving the rule of law, and limiting oligarchic governance.


Evgenidze also noted that attention was paid to the disruption of the Anaklia Port project.


“Of course, the disruption of the Anaklia Port project was also discussed as we think that Anaklia Port construction and the deterioration of the investment environment in this country is a very important problem to create new jobs, bring in new investments and be able to overcome poverty in this country,” said Evgenidze.


US Embassy in Georgia said Secretary Pompeo sat down with civil society representatives for a candid and open conversation about judicial reform and the role of civil society in Georgia’s development.

The Secretary noted Georgia’s recent judicial reform efforts and the important role of civil society in advancing the rule of law and developing modern state institutions. However, all agreed there is more work to be done, and the United States stands ready to continue its support, the US Embassy reported.




source: 1TV


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