Donbass separatists won't go to Karabakh ... Does Yerevan hope for "Javakhk"?

03.11.20 13:30

Despite the fact that at the congress of the so-called "Union of Donbass Volunteers", uniting former separatists who fought in the East of Ukraine for the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR and held on October 31, a decision was expected to send mercenaries from among them to the Kaaba to fight for Armenian interests, in the last moment, apparently from the Kremlin followed a "strict suggestion" - "to refuse the Armenians." And this is despite the promises of the Armenian lobby to pay any money for the Russian "cannon fodder". But apparently, the Kremlin has finally begun to understand that it is useless to ruin the lives of Russian people for the interests of Soros' fosterlings.


As a result, the "Donbass" separatists "outplayed everything" and refused to send their people to Karabakh. The former "Prime Minister" of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic, co-chairman of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, Alexander Boroday, explained why this happened.


According to him, the Armenian diaspora in Russia behaves in a very strange way, whose representatives themselves are in no hurry to go to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh, but at the same time they are trying to recruit Russian fighters.


“As a matter of fact, these are (Pashinyan) American agents, we all understand this. Now the government is sitting in Armenia, which towards the Russian Federation is disposed, to put it mildly, completely unfriendly. Which all this time, to put it mildly, does not really want the presence of Russian volunteers on the territory of Karabakh, ”Boroday said and added that some representatives of the Union of Donbass Volunteers who had independently left for Karabakh were forced to leave Armenia.


“There is no need to move anywhere yet. In Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian volunteers are very much expected. The authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh, as far as I know, are looking forward to the Russian army, volunteers, someone from the Russian Federation to help. But the authorities in Armenia itself are not really expecting this.


True, according to him, Pashinyan nevertheless addressed a letter to Putin for help.


“But this whole situation dragged on for a very long time. And we understand that the absence of an appeal to both Putin and the CSTO is due to the fact that both Pashinyan himself and his American advisers were against any contacts and concessions from the Russian Federation. They would certainly like the Russians to fight for Armenia. But at the same time, they did not really want to go for any rapprochement with the Russian Federation, which is inevitable in this case, "Boroday noted and added that none of the three million Armenian diaspora of the Russian Federation is visible with a gun in his hands in Karabakh:" They are not in sight. And from the USA and from France, where there are large diasporas, also did not form. These volunteers are absent. But they really want to see the Russians there!

While the situation is such that while Nikol Pashinyan is sitting, who is still adopting laws - just the other day he passed a law on criminal liability for mercenary activity (there was no such thing before) - it is somehow a very problematic story.

My personal sympathies are on the side of Nagorno-Karabakh. I feel sorry for the Armenian men who are dying there. Because “Greater Armenia” is under American protectorate thanks to Mr. Pashinyan. But the conditions, as they say, are not yet ripe. When we understand that the conditions have been created, then there will be a team. In the meantime, I urge everyone to stay where they are, wait and get ready,” the PolitNavigator quoted Borodai.


In fact, after it became known that the mercenaries from the so-called "Union of Donbass Volunteers" would not go to Karabakh to fight for Armenian interests, and the representatives of the rather rich Armenian community in Russia themselves prefer to fight for "Artsakh" more "on sofas" and in social networks - the last real "reserve" of replenishment of militants who are ready to die for the separatist "Artsakh" remain "Javakhk" separatists from the Georgian region of Samtskhze-Javakheti. Many of them, unfortunately, despite the vigilance of the Georgian border guards, illegally crossed the border by illegal routes and are already fighting in Karabakh. Moreover, some of the bottom have already found their grave in a foreign land.


But it is quite possible that the Armenian lobby will try to transfer the “Javakhk” militants to Karabakh on a massive scale in order to urgently “plug the holes” in the front of the occupation forces, which is crumbling before our eyes.

Moreover, not in units, but in large quantities. According to some reports, up to 10 thousand “Javakhk” separatist fighters are ready to be sent to the war in Karabakh. And they can try to smuggle them across the border, for example, by artificially destabilizing the “post-election” situation in Georgia and making the border security weakened.


Today, one thing is important - the law enforcement agencies and the border service of Georgia must make every effort to prevent the massive illegal crossing of the Georgian border by separatist militants. After all, the surviving militants will return to Georgia, but already with weapons and with the intention, by capturing Javakhk (Georgian Samtskhe-Javakheti), to compensate for the now virtually inevitable loss of "Artsakh" by Armenia.




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