Transparency International Georgia says thousands of voters may not be able to vote on October 31

27.10.20 15:55

It is to be welcomed that the Central Election Commission has extended the registration period for voters who are self-isolated or undergoing treatment due to COVID-19 with the list of special portable boxes, although voters face a number of bureaucratic barriers, which indicates flaws in the process, - reads the statement issued by Transparency International Georgia.


According to the statement, the Ministry has not accurately registered self-isolated people, which creates a problem for their registration with the list of special portable boxes.


According to the organization, because of the above, thousands of voters may not be able to vote on October 31.


The organization informs self-isolated people or those undergoing treatment at home that they can apply to the Central Election Commission for registration today, October 27, until 14:00


source: IPN 

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