Soso Jachvliani leaves Georgian Dream

27.10.20 11:45

Soso Jachvliani, President of the Arm Wrestling Federation, says he is leaving the Georgian Dream.

He spoke about the problems in the federation and said that there was a group in the federation that terrorized athletes.

According to him, he talked to Bidzina Ivanishvili about the above.


"From today, from this moment, I am no longer a member of the Georgian Dream. I will never be a member of this gang. This regime must go. Is not this a regime?


Bidzina Ivanishvili told me that they could not interfere in the affairs of the federation. I warned everyone. Kaladze does not want to meet me.


This regime must be changed because it is a regime. Apparently, they want to use this gang to intimidate people. They terrorize all our athletes, "Jachvliani said on Mtavari TV.


On October 17, the board meeting of the Arm Wrestling Federation was disrupted due to a physical and verbal confrontation. Soso Jachvliani, the president of the federation, was confronted by the coaches of the team and some of the arm wrestlers. The arm wrestlers splashed water on Soso Jachvliani and threw eggs at him. The athletes accused Jachvliani of making arbitrary decisions.


source: IPN 

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