Paata Imnadze: Rapid antigen-based tests will be launched in the country from today

23.10.20 13:25

According to Paata Imnadze, Deputy Head of the National Center for Disease Control, rapid antigen-based tests will be launched in the country from today.


As Imnadze explained after the meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council, the citizens will get the test result in 20 minutes.


"There are two tests recognized in the world and we have one of these two in Georgia. This is a recent recommendation of the World Health Organization and recognized by the US FDI. They will be used for diagnosis.


We already have antigen-based tests, now the stock is somewhere around 150,000 and another half a million have been ordered," Imnadze said.


He once again called on the population to use personal protective equipment and keep distance.

"Now we are at the stage when it is really crucial to wear a mask. It is confirmed by studies that masks are worn correctly, it will reduce the figures that we have today by 70%," - said Imnadze.



source: IPN 

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