Amiran Gamkrelidze: We expect increase in coronavirus cases

22.10.20 17:50

Amiran Gamkrelidze, the head of the National Center for Disease Control, says that further increases in coronavirus cases are expected in Georgia as the growth trend is global.

Amiran Gamkrelidze once again calls on the population to use facial masks as the most effective way to fight the virus currently.


“We should expect an increase in coronavirus cases because this trend is global, and we can not stop it alone in Georgia. We still have a long way to go to live with COVID. The facial mask should become an attribute of our coexistence like a handkerchief in our pocket. We have to wear masks because the medicine could not have invented a better defence method than this so far.


Significant progress has been made with regard to vaccine and drugs, but none has yet been approved and efficacy is unknown yet, – Amiran Gamkrelidze said.



source: 1TV

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