Managing waste and creating a more sustainable environment

22.10.20 10:35

Waste management is an important global issue, as it has the potential to make the activities of businesses and individuals more environmentally friendly and responsible.


According to the World Bank, the average amount of waste per person ranges from 0.11 to 4.53 kg per day. By 2050, global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tons annually.


This growth rate can be halted through the implementation of process management, which requires items to be sorted, further processed and reused. Proper waste management policies can help create protection from the serious health, safety and environmental issues stemming from landfill waste.


The role of businesses in the implementation and promotion of waste management policies is significant. The German-owned ProCredit Bank has been carrying out exemplary waste management practices for more than five years. As a result of the policy in place at the bank, the efficiency of resources consumed has increased and the negative impact on the environment has been reduced. Furthermore, the German financial institute supports companies active in the field of waste management and invests in modern machinery and technology.


You can learn more about how each one of us, along with businesses, can help reduce waste and contribute to the development of a sustainable environment in the ProCredit Group Quarterly Information Brochure.




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