112 - Despite pandemic, up to 3,000 unintended calls are recorded in 24 hours

20.10.20 14:25

Despite pandemic in the country, up to 3,000 unintended calls are recorded in 24 hours at 112 that impedes the working process – reads the statement of Public Security Management Center -112 of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

According to 112, the operators are answering about 18 thousand calls every day. The center informs that serving patients, who are detected with any symptom characteristic to coronavirus, is the new function of 112 and the notifications are redirected to either First Medical Aid or family doctors afterwards.

“When seconds are decisive whose being in real need, may not be able to contact 112 that causes dissatisfaction among people,” reads the statement.


The center calls on people to show high public responsibility and avoid making unintended calls. The citizens can also use the hotline of the government 144 regarding management of COVID-19 cases.



source: 1TV

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