Remittances to Georgia increased by 28.7 percent in September

15.10.20 13:55

According to the National Bank, in September 2020, the volume of money transfers from abroad constituted 192.7 million USD (611.4 million GEL), which is 28.7% (43.0 million USD) more than the amount in September 2019.


94.7% percent of the total money transfers from abroad came from 19 largest partner countries, with the volume of transfers from these countries each exceeding 1 million USD in September 2020. In September 2019 the share of these 19 countries constituted 94.6% percent of the total volume of money transfers.


Russia still leads in terms of the volume of remittances. The largest remittance – 35.13 million USD in September of this year came to Georgia from Russia. Italy is in second place with $ 29.21 million, followed by the United States with $ 22.65 million, Greece – $ 21.45 million, and Israel – $ 13.98 million.


In  September 2020, 25.1 million USD (or 79.5 million GEL) was transferred from Georgia, which is 22.4% more as compared to 20.5 million USD in September 2019.



source: 1TV

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