Terrorist organizations of Armenia and the danger for Georgia

10.10.20 8:05

At a time when the Armenian "Javakhk" separatists in Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda openly recruit and register militants and collect money for terrorist organizations operating in the occupied Azerbaijani Karabakh, it becomes incomprehensible that Georgia for some reason turns a blind eye to this. Moreover, some of them succumb to the agitation of the pro-Armenian fifth column and begin to talk about "Christian solidarity" and "Islamic terrorism".


At the same time, for some reason, it is forgotten that "Christian solidarity" did not prevent Armenian militants from killing Christian Georgians in Abkhazia in 1992-1993. As for terrorism, it really threatens Georgia. But not "Islamic" at all, but the most natural Armenian.


Let us remind that it was the Georgians who were in general in history one of the first victims of Armenian terrorism. Dashnak terrorist Drastamat Kanayan (future Nazi criminal) killed the outstanding son of the Georgian people, the Baku governor Mikhail Nakashidze. And if the financing of terrorism and the sending of Armenian militants from Samtskhe-Javakheti to Karabakh are not stopped, Armenian terrorism may come to Georgian soil as well. Moreover, the Armenian nationalists have more than enough terrorist organizations.


On the social network Facebook, one of the users, Nizami Allazov, published a post-study summarizing data on Armenian terrorism. We quote it verbatim:


“Armenians accuse Azerbaijan of terrorism? A nation with a total of about 10 million around the world, with 13 terrorist organizations, accuses Azerbaijan of terrorism? 50 million Azerbaijanis, that is, 5 times more, do not have a single terrorist organization, and tiny Armenia has not one, not even two, but 13 terrorist organizations. Why, Azerbaijan, China with 1.5 BILLION population does not have terrorist organizations, and the Armenians have had them since the end of the 19th century. I don't know what about the most ancient nation, but about the terrorist nation itself, one can speak safely. Below is a list of the most distressed terrorists.


1. "Armenakan" party. Created in 1885, she was the organizer of terrorist acts and armed clashes in various cities and regions of Turkey - Van, Mush, Bitlis, Trabzon, Istanbul, collaborated with the Armenians living in Iran and Russia.


2. Party "Khnchak". Created in 1887 in Geneva. The main goal of the group was the creation of the state "Great Armenia", the unification of the territories called "Russian" and "Iranian" "Armenians" with the region of Turkey Anadolu. The 4th paragraph of the party's program says: "To achieve the set goal, methods of agitation, terror and the creation of destructive organizations must be chosen.


3. Armenian federal revolutionary party "Dashnaktsutyun". Created in 1890 in Tiflis. The main goal is the creation of the state "Great Armenia" on the lands of Azerbaijan - Nagorno-Karabakh, Nakhchivan and Turkey - Anadolu. "Dashnaktsutyun", having held its first congress in 1892 in Tiflis, decided to organize a conspiracy against the Turks. It was after this congress that "Dashnaktsutyun" issued an order: "... everywhere, under any circumstances, kill the Turks, Kurds who did not keep the word of Armenian traitors, take revenge!" There are a number of terrorist groups created by the "Dashnaktsutyun" party: the "Avengers of the Armenian Genocide" group, which began its activity in 1973, carried out the assassinations of Turkish diplomats in Austria, Denmark and Portugal in the 1980s-1980s; secret terrorist group DRO and its units: DRO-8, DRO-88, DRO-888, DRO-8888. The activity of the Dashnaks in this direction continues to this day.


4. "Armenian Secret Liberation Army" (ASOA) - established in 1975 in Beirut. The headquarters is located in Damascus. Has over a thousand militants trained in Palestinian bases. In the first 6 years of its activity, the organization carried out terrorist acts in various countries of the world, which led to the death of 19 Turkish diplomats.


5. "Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia" (ASALA). The headquarters of the organization, created in 1975, is located in Beirut, and training bases in Syria. The goal of the organization is the creation of "Great Armenia" in the territories of Eastern Turkey, Northern Iran, Nakhchivan and Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan. ASALA carries out terrorist acts, mainly against the citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkey. One of the main figures in the organization's cooperation with such terrorist groups as "Abu Nidal" and "Black September" was the leader of ASALA Hakob Hakobyan. A. Hakobyan, who took responsibility for the assassination of the Turkish ambassador to Athens in 1980, in an interview given on 01.08.80 to the New York Times newspaper, said: "Our enemies are the Turkic regime, NATO and the Armenians who do not cooperate with us."

In April 1980, ASALA and the PKK came to a general agreement on joint terrorist acts, which was officially formalized in Lebanon. In a statement made public on 28.08.1993 in the city of Beirut, ASALA speaks of the organization's opposition to the implementation of the project related to the "Pan-Turkist oil pipeline".


6. "Gegaron". Created by ASALA in February 2001. The goal is to carry out terrorist acts against political leaders, diplomats and businessmen of Turkic origin in the territories of the South Caucasus and Central Asia.


7. "Armenian Liberation Movement" (ANM). Created in 1991 in France. Carries out terrorist activities in close connection with ASALA


8. "Armenian Liberation Front". Created in 1979. It is considered an integral part of the ASALA organization. Prepares terrorists against Turkey and Azerbaijan.


9. "Orly Group". Created in 1981 by Armenian youth living in France. Until 1987, the organization carried out over 10 terrorist attacks at various airports around the world.


10. "Commandos of Justice of the Armenian Genocide". It was created during the Congress of the Dashnaktsutyun Party in 1972 in Vienna. The purpose of the organization is to concentrate young Lebanese citizens of Armenian origin in military associations, to organize bloody terrorist attacks against Turks and Azerbaijanis.


11. "Armenian Association". Created in 1988 in Moscow. It has close ties with the ASALA organization, provides terrorists with false documents for terrorist activities in the post-Soviet space. Participates in the ferrying of weapons and mercenaries to Nagorno-Karabakh.


12. "Democratic Front". Operates in the USA, Canada and Western Europe. The main goal is to dismember the Turkish state.


13. "The Apostle". Created on April 29, 2001 by the Association of the Armenian Defense from the citizens of Armenia, Syria and Lebanon. The goal is to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of Turkey and Azerbaijan. " End of the post.


So, the Armenian nationalists have as many as 13 full-fledged international terrorist organizations. And even if even one of them starts to act against Georgia, it will flood our country with blood. This is, not counting the Armenian separatists and militants who have already shown themselves in Abkhazia and are just waiting for an opportunity to similarly show themselves in Samtskhe-Javakheti.


It is impossible to underestimate the terrorist threat of Georgia from Armenia, an extremely aggressive state sponsoring international terrorism (not only Armenian,but also Kurdish).



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