Armenian lobby in Russia proposes to launch a military strike on Georgia to create a corridor to Armenia

02.10.20 16:00

With the sharp aggravation of the military situation in the Azerbaijani Karabakh occupied by Armenia, the danger of military aggression against Georgia has increased many times over. Especially after Georgia cut off the transit and supplies to Armenia of not only weapons and military products, but also dual-use products. In particular, the Georgian border guards did not let the collected tires by the Armenian "Javakhk" separatists to help the Armenian occupation army fighting against Azerbaijan, friendly Georgia.


As you know, tires, especially in mountainous terrain and off-road (and such conditions in most of the theater of military operations in Karabakh) - an irreplaceable thing for the construction of trenches and dugouts, military vehicles and vehicles "mobilized" for military needs. However, today the Armenian aggressors need more "replenishment" in manpower from both Russian and "Javakhk" Armenians - citizens of Georgia. In Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda, detachments of “volunteer fighters” from among the local Armenians have already been formed to participate in the aggression against Azerbaijan, but Georgian border guards did not allow them to enter Armenia.


Also in the Russian Federation tens of thousands of ethnic Armenians and unscrupulous mercenaries of other nationalities are also ready to be transferred to Karabakh. But there is no communication between Russia and Armenia by land, they are not allowed through Georgia, and military transport aircraft are also not allowed through the Georgian airspace. The recently appointed 6 additional charter passenger flights from Moscow to Yerevan are not enough to transfer the militants, especially since the Armenian occupation army needs not only militants, but also supplies of weapons.


Therefore, among the Armenian lobby in Russia, plans are clearly being developed to "break through" a military corridor to Armenia through Georgian territory in order to supply the Armenian army in Karabakh with weapons and "manpower". At the same time, the aggressors can "take with them" the already formed detachments of the Armenian "Javakhk" separatist militants and arm them.


This danger to Georgia cannot be underestimated. Moreover, representatives of the Armenian lobby and “fosterlings” in various structures in Russia openly talked about the possibility of launching a military strike against the Georgian air defense and air force systems, since Georgia blocked the air and land movement of military cargo from Russia to Armenia.


News agencies reported yesterday that Georgia had banned Russian naval vessels from entering the airspace for the transfer of goods to Armenia.


In this regard, Russian aircraft are forced to make a detour over the Caspian Sea and enter the territory of Armenia through Iran. Tbilisi's decision provoked a sharp reaction from Russian experts.


The journalist and TV presenter of the "60 Minutes" program Yevgeny Popov repost a message in which it is proposed to strike at the Georgian air defense system and to be able to supply Armenia with Russian weapons.


"In the event of a further escalation of the conflict, it will be necessary to strengthen the Russian group of forces. And through whom then to break through? Through Azerbaijan, the idea is so-so, still a very close ally of Turkey. But to smash the Georgian air defense and air forces, which do not allow the cargo sides to fly, is quite a possible scenario ", - noted in the message.


It is becoming obvious that the likelihood of aggression from the Russian Federation, which already occupies 20% of Georgian territory, is very high. Moreover, in conditions when Russian tanks are only 50 kilometers from Tbilisi on the territory of the Tskhinvali region.




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