PM: Any restriction that could theoretically be imposed will be targeted and local - there will be no systemic restrictions across the country

24.09.20 12:55

According to the Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, the restrictions that may be imposed during the pandemic in the future will not be systemic and will be only local.


At the same time, as Gakharia noted at the government session, despite the fact that the Georgian healthcare system is weaker compared to developed countries, the country coped well with the pandemic.


"When we decided to declare a state of emergency and impose strict restrictions, of course, we took into account both the country's resources and the state of the healthcare system. As you know, Georgia's healthcare system is weaker compared to many developed systems, but in this case it coped well with the challenge. We should not have the illusion that in 6 months the healthcare system has changed radically. We should be ready to prevent the spread of the virus with strict rules, discipline but not with restrictions and halting the economy. In addition, any restrictions that could theoretically be imposed would be solely targeted and local. There won't be systemic restrictions across the country. We cannot have systemic restrictions on areas of our lives such as the economy, education or even the electoral process", - stated Gakharia.



source: IPN

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