Any person traveling from Georgia to Lithuania to be subject to mandatory 14-day self-isolation

21.09.20 11:15

According to the Embassy of Georgia in Lithuania, any person traveling from Georgia to Lithuania will be subject to mandatory 14-day self-isolation, in addition, he/she will be required to present at the Lithuanian border a negative result of a test for coronavirus performed in the last 72 hours.


According to the embassy, ​​the decision made by the Lithuanian government will take effect today.


In addition, all passengers are required to fill out a special electronic form ( posted on the website of the National Health Center of Lithuania and present the so-called QR code.


"Due to the epidemiological situation, the Lithuanian government periodically updates the list of countries where the virus prevalence is high (if the spread rate of the virus has exceeded 25 cases per 100,000 population in the last 14 days). Therefore people travelling from such countries will undergo mandatory isolation after presenting a negative coronavirus test result.


The 14-day period of isolation can be reduced to 10 days if the person tests for coronavirus no earlier than on the 8th day of isolation,” reads the statement of the Georgian Embassy in Lithuania.



source: IPN

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