Service that simplifies the business of extracting natural resources

21.09.20 10:45

Georgia is rich in resources of higher economic value, such as precious and non-ferrous metals, building materials, mining chemical raw materials and fresh, mineral and thermal groundwater deposits. A significant amount of up to 1000 minerals deposits identified and retrieved on the territory of Georgia is still in the possession of the state and if the investor is interested, it is possible to issue a mining license for them.


In order to gain the right to extract natural resources, it is necessary to go through certain procedures. The Colliers and MMS (Mining & Minerals solution)offer support to the parties interested in the procedures. The service covers all stages of the activity: obtaining the relevant license / permit, reporting to state bodies and representation in various bodies and creates a full chain of services for users, be it feasibility studies, assessment, identification of optimal technology for extraction / processing, mining audit or legal support.


It should be particularly emphasized the brand new service niche in the region, which involves exploration using the international standard for ores. The Colliers and MMS Natural Resources Advisory Team evaluates the metal ore stock in accordance with the standards and international expertise set by the Australian-based Professional Committee JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee).


Also, the interested persons will have the opportunity to use the services of the Colliers to get the right to explore the minerals at prospective mining sites, to study the mineral deposits and to develop mining activities.


Most importantly, companies will help the investors to form an interesting business idea and offer specific investment packages for the pre-identified resources, including polymetals, bentonite, zeolite and quarry deposits. | +995591222227 | [email protected]



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