Salome Zurabishvili: Despite the pandemic, conducting multinational excersice in Georgia is a clear example of ever-increasing cooperation

18.09.20 15:40

Modern, NATO-compatible defense forces and close cooperation with partners bring us even closer to membership in the Alliance, which is our firm goal", - said President Salome Zurabishvili at the closing ceremony of "Noble Partner 2020".


"Despite the global pandemic, conducting multinational exercises in Georgia with maximum safety measures is a clear example of ever-increasing cooperation. Georgia is stronger and more secure through close cooperation with partner countries. Cooperation has never been as strong as it is today. The Alliance and its member states actively support Georgia's efforts to develop a democratic and stable country, and Georgia is an exemplary partner of NATO that fully shares NATO's values and principles of common security. It is a clear symbol of this cooperation that Georgia, as one of the largest contributing countries, continues to participate in the resolute support mission. Georgian soldiers have repeatedly proven that Georgia is a reliable friend and worthy partner in overcoming regional and global challenges. I must take this opportunity to note that deepening strategic cooperation with the United States is one of Georgia's most important priorities, and I would like to thank the United States for its exceptional trust and support. Over the years, special efforts have been made to enhance defense and security cooperation between the two countries, which is at a qualitatively new level today. I would also like to thank the NATO member states for their effective and dynamic cooperation and participation in joint military exercises", - stated Zurabishvili.



source: IPN

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