State Audit Office launches inquiry into legality of funding of Alliance of Patriots

01.09.20 15:35

The State Audit Office has launched an inquiry into the legality of the funding of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia.


As InterPressNews was told in the agency, the Audit Service sent a letter to the Alliance of Patriots for getting additional information.


"The State Audit Office continues to actively monitor political parties in the pre-election period. In this particular case, we are studying the information spread by the Dossier. The inquiry has been launched. We will carry out all the activities within the framework of our mandate,” the State Audit Office told InterPressNews.



Elene Khoshtaria submitted an application regarding the funding of the Alliance of Patriots to the Prosecutor's Office on the basis of materials published by an anti-Putin non-governmental organization on August 25. According to Khoshtaria, the Dossier provides specific tables, funds and instructions given to the Alliance of Patriots by the hostile state - Russia and those close to the Kremlin.


At the same time, the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia issued a statement yesterday, according to which, they sent the application relating to the legality of funding of the Alliance of Patriots to the State Audit Office for further response.


source: IPN

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