Giorgi Gakharia: We are proposing the program "Work from Georgia" to 95 countries

27.08.20 16:30

We're proposing the program "Work from Georgia" to 95 countries, which means that we converting our achievements in terms of one of the best virus management in the region into revenues for our tourism sector, - said Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia at a government meeting.


As Gakharia noted, the project was initiated by the National Tourism Administration and it will be further discussed at today's government session.


"There is an interesting proposal called: "Work from Georgia". As you know, in the context of the global pandemic, more and more transnational corporations as well as global companies are moving to remote work, and in fact, a person's geographical location does not matter in order for him/her to remotely carry out his/her duties. Therefore, this program will work for 95 countries, which means that we invite employees of various global companies working remotely in 95 countries to Georgia and offer to fulfill their work responsibilities remotely from Georgia for at least 180 days. First of all, we will do our best to ensure that their presence was safe for their health and of course also comfortable. This program has already been uploaded on, it can be accessed by everyone. The detailed explanations will be provided by the National Tourism Administration", - stated Gakharia.


source: IPN

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