Prosecutor's Office: Severely beaten Giorgi Shakarashvili was thrown into the Aragvi River by assailants, as a result of which he died

12.08.20 11:10

According to the Prosecutor's Office, footballer Giorgi Shakarashvili found himself in-between the attackers on both sides of the bridge while fleeing, which deprived him of the opportunity to move freely. According to the agency, in order to avoid imminent retaliation, Giorgi Shakarashvili was forced to enter a ravine on the left side of the road, where he was followed by five attackers.


According to the prosecutor's office, the mentioned persons were Vakhtang Chikovani, Archil Gagnidze, Nikoloz Revazishvili, minors A.K. and Z.Kh.


"In a Toyota Camry, the persons accompanying V.Ch. went to the country house to find the representatives of the opposing party involved in the conflict. Since none of the opponents met them at the cottage, the "Toyota Camry" headed in the direction of Tbilisi.


Giorgi Shakarashvili and his accompanying persons, who were associated for the organizers of the group violence with the representatives of the opposing side, continued on their way to Tbilisi, when they were stopped by a Toyota Camry belonging to V.Ch. and which was driven by V.M at that time. Upon stopping, V.M., N.R., A.G., Z.Kh., A.K. got out of the car together with V.Ch. and chased Giorgi Shakarashvili and his entourage, at the same time verbally abusing them. In order to escape the impending violence, Giorgi Shakarashvili and his entourage fled west on the highway to the Aragvi Bridge, crossed the Aragvi Bridge, crossed the road and continued running west. Giorgi Shakarashvili's accompanying person G.K., who was beaten, in order to escape from the attackers hid in the plants after crossing the concrete dividing line arranged on the highway. At the same time, the attackers, V.Ch., A.K. and Z.Kh, crossed the road, crossed to the other side and continued to pursue Giorgi Shakarashvili and his entourage. When Giorgi Shakarashvili and V.A. approached the area near the colored building on the west side of the road, Giorgi Shakarashvili and his companion V.A. continued running on the right side of the road on the secondary road under the bridge. Giorgi Shakarashvili's friend G.A. ran in the direction of the above building and hid in the bushes behind it. Giorgi Shakarashvili and V.A. were pursued in the same direction by V.Ch. A.K. and Z.Kh., while A. G. and N.R, who were on the east side of the road, running on the secondary road on the left side of the road in order to meet the fugitives on the same road and block it for them. V.A. while running on the secondary road hid in the bushes on the road, while Giorgi Shakarashvili continued to move. When Giorgi Shakarashvili approached the section of the secondary road that passes between the towers of the Aragvi Bridge, he was blocked from the opposite direction by A.G. and N.R.


During the escape, Giorgi Shakarashvili found himself between the attackers from both sides, which deprived him of the opportunity to move freely and forced him to enter the ravine on the left side of the road, where he was followed by all five attackers. At the end of the trail in the ravine, Giorgi Shakarashvili came to the bank of the river Aragvi and because he did not know how to swim, he found an insurmountable natural obstacle - the river, he could not escape. The attackers took advantage of this situation and inflicted injuries on Giorgi Shakarashvili in the area of his head, both eye sockets, upper and lower lips, around the right elbow joint and right forearm, as well as in the abdomen, groin, pelvis, waist and both buttocks. Giorgi Shakarashvili, who was severely beaten, was thrown into the Aragvi River by the assailants, as a result of which he died", - the Prosecutor's Office said at a briefing.


source: IPN

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