EU Commission agrees eight macro-financial assistance programmes to support enlargement and neighbourhood partners

12.08.20 10:45

The Commission, on behalf of the EU, has agreed on Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on macro-financial assistance (MFA) programmes with eight partners. The agreements are part of the €3 billion MFA package for ten enlargement and neighbourhood partners, aimed to help them limit the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, - reports the EU Commission.


As the statement notes, the swift implementation of these ongoing programs is a demonstration of EU's solidarity towards these countries in the time of crisis.


Memoranda of Understanding have already been agreed with Albania, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Ukraine. These documents have also been formally signed with four of them: Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia and Ukraine. Negotiations of the MoUs with the remaining two countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Tunisia – are underway", - reads the statement.


"For Georgia, the policy conditions for its €150 million MFA programme relate to strengthening public finance management, improving governance, sector reforms, and labour market policies" - says the statement.



source: IPN

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