PM: We should pay respect to Shindisi heroes and raise our children by this example

11.08.20 17:25

It's my huge honor to have the opportunity to speak to you in this one of the most beautiful places. We're all Georgians and we should remember this day. Today is August 11 and exactly 12 years ago, 17 Georgian heroes died for the country's territorial integrity in an unequal fight", - stated PM Giorgi Gakharia at the presentation of the majoritarian candidate in Lagodekhi.


"Our Shindisi heroes are the greatest Georgians in our recent history. We should remember their names and pay respect. We should raise our children by this example. However, at the same time, due to the fact that Georgia always had and always will have such heroes, we should take care of our citizens, and what's important to seek peace - because there's no development without peace. Nothing will develop in the country if there's no peace - no tourism, no economy, education - nothing. Therefore, we should have heroes, a strong army but we should always seek peace", - stated Gakharia.

source: IPN

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