Georgia commemorates fallen in Shindisi battle of Russia-Georgia 2008 war

11.08.20 14:30

Georgia is commemorating today a group of soldiers who lost their lives during the Russia-Georgia 2008 war in a battle in Shindisi village in central Georgia.


On the day 12 years ago a 21-member detachment of Georgian soldiers came face-to-face with Russian soldiers in the village of Shindisi. The Russians greatly outnumbered the Georgian soldiers and ordered them to surrender, but they refused.


The uneven battle continued for 45 minutes.


Despite being greatly outnumbered, Georgians inflicted significant damage on their enemy. All but four of the Georgian soldiers died in the fight.


The Shindidi battle is one of the most distinguished and exciting battles in modern Georgian history. Today we are commemorating the heroes of the battle and bow before them and their families,” Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated earlier today at the memorial of the heroes. 

The 17 heroes of the Shindidi battle who were killed are as follows: Aleksandre Oniani, Emzar Tsilosani, Vepkhia Jishkariani, Zviad Katsadze, Teimuraz Beridze, Ilia Gabunia, Ilia Sheklashvili, Irakli Janelidze, Kakha Koshadze, Levan Mikeladze, Marlen Baramia, Mikheil Dvalishvili, Nikoloz Porchkhidze, Roman Zoidze, Ruslan Tsuladze, Peliks Kakauridze and Shmagi Kupatadze. 

source: AGENDA

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