Georgian Health Minister says increase in coronavirus cases not linked to the peak of virus

10.08.20 17:25

Like all other countries in the world, we expect some aggravation for fall, said the Minister of Health of Georgia Ekaterine Tikaradze.


The increase in coronavirus cases in Georgia is not related to the peak of the infection, noted Tikaradze.


“As for the quarantine period, as in all municipalities where the similar explosions took place, it is important that two quarantine periods (28 days) should be passed.


Depending on what conclusions the epidemiologists will make, an additional decision will be made — the quarantine period will be reduced or remain the same as it is now,” stressed Tikaradze.
The lockdown has been imposed on Mestia Municipality today after 17 cases of coronavirus were detected in that area.


Restrictions on movement have been imposed on other villages of the Municipality as well.


source: 1TV

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