Georgian Public Broadcaster granted right to implement professional cameramen training program

07.08.20 16:50

Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) has been granted the right to implement a professional cameramen training program based on the decision of the Professional Training Program Council.


The applicants will gain theoretical and practical skills of a cameraman during the free-of-charge program and will work with modern equipment.


The program includes both a theoretical course on the history of the development of camera equipment and the theory of photography, as well as practical training in the study of optics, video equipment and video-shooting.


Students will learn how to use light, color, contrast, composition, perspective, work with depth of field, backgrounds and textures. They will also learn studio shooting and pavilion work techniques. Practical lessons will be held in the building of Georgian Public Broadcaster.


The program aims at gaining the necessary experience and practical skills for a cameraman including for indoor and outdoor shooting and live transmissions of sports or cultural activities.  After completion of the program, students will be able to work independently, at TV stations or as freelancers.


As Beso Ormotsadze, Head of the Program claims, Georgian Public Broadcaster has all the material resources to train cameramen. “The project will be connected with TV School and will prepare professionals. Many are interested in TV shooting but do not 1200-1500 GEL to pay,” Ormotsadze said.


source: 1TV

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