UN Security Council members condemn Russian occupation of Georgian territories ahead of 12th anniversary of 2008 war

06.08.20 13:15

Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, UK, US, Ireland and Norway have expressed support for Georgia following the UN Security Council’s online meeting yesterday, which discussed developments since the Russia-Georgia 2008 war.


The countries condemned Russia’s occupation of Georgian territories, creeping occupation, the illegal detention of Georgian citizens and other unlawful activities by the Russian-controlled occupation forces over the past 12 years. 


The countries expressed concern over Russia’s disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic and the ‘life-saving’ work of the US-built Lugar Centre in Tbilisi. 


The statement called upon Russia to withdraw its forces from Georgian territory. 


The Russia-Georgia war in 2008 began in early August and lasted for five days. 


Since then 20 per cent of historic Georgian lands remain occupied by Russia.


Consequences of Russian aggression in 2008 in Georgia include:

Human losses: 412 killed on the Georgian side – including 170 military servicemen, 14 policemen and 228 civilians
1,747 wounded on the Georgian side – including 973 military servicemen, 227 policemen and 547 civilians
Three journalists killed, six journalists wounded
130,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) – out of which 26,000 are still denied the right of return. [Overall, the number of IDPs from both occupied regions is now close to half a million]
35,000 houses burned, ruined and destroyed
125 more villages have been occupied since the August 2008 war 


source: AGENDA

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