Roman Gotsiridze on opposition parties: We're competitors now, once we enter the parliament we'll become partners

04.08.20 10:20

We're competitors now and afterwards we'll become partners, once we enter the parliament and form a coalition government, - stated the leader of the United National Movement faction with regards to the European Georgia's majoritarian nominees.


According to Gotsiridze, nominating the candidates individually is absolutely the right decision.


"Due to the election system where 80% is proportional, it's natural that the political parties are first of all competitors. The fact that we can be competitors to some extent shouldn't be dramatized.


There was an unprecedented historical agreement between the opposition when we reached the victory and the close to the proportional electoral system was adopted. There are 6 coordinated candidates nominated in Tbilisi. We shouldn't ask for more from the opposition in the elections", - stated Gotsiridze.


According to MP, this election is about competition, negotiation, agreement and non-agreement.


"The process is going in a normal manner. We'll nominate candidates in every region. Out of 30 districts, there will be a second round in the majority. The opposition party which will be in the second round will have support from the rest of the opposition. We'll help everyone if they manage to be in the second round. Likewise, the whole opposition will help the National Movement in the second round. It's impossible that the Georgian Dream will get more than 40-45% of votes. The second round will be the very basis for confrontation and unification", - stressed Gotsiridze.



source: IPN

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