8 737 individuals were fined for violating state of emergency in two months; the total sum of fines amounts to more than 26 million GEL

03.08.20 14:00

Between the period of 21 March-22 May, 8 737 individuals were fined for violating the state of emergency.


The statistics were requested by InterPressNews from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the Ministry, the total sum of fines amounted to 26 463 000 GEL in this period. Most of the offenses were connected to the violation of curfew (4820 cases). Overall, the types of cases included: breaching gathering/distancing/mask-wearing rules - 1850; rules of transporting the passengers - 1406; rules connected to driving a private automobile - 430; isolation or quarantine rules - 39; moving without an identification card - 27; activities by a legal person that was prohibited by law - 21.


For the record, firstly, the state of emergency was announced for one month on March 21. Later on, the date was extended to 22 May.


source: IPN

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