Tbilisi Vice Mayor: Chavchavadze Avenue traffic scheme has changed systematically; it takes a certain time to adapt to it

03.08.20 10:35

According to Tbilisi Vice Mayor, Irakli Khmaladze, assessing the reform today is wrong, the traffic has changed systematically at newly-renovated Chavchavadze Avenue and the adaptation requires a certain time.


As Khmaladze stated, the Tbilisi transport system is in the stage of reforms.


"We can say that we're switching from a system which is fit for individual transport, to one which is more suitable for public transport. This naturally will create discomfort at transitional a stage", - stated Khmaladze.


Khmaladze noted that the reason behind the reform is that there's a lack of capacity to expand the streets and to build roads to cope with the flow of tens of thousands of automobiles which are being imported every year.


"With regards to Chacvhavadze Avenue specifically, it's the first day of the reform. Naturally, the adaptation requires a certain time", - stressed the Vice Mayor.


Khmaladze also hoped that the traffic jams at Chavchavadze will be regulated soon.


"These delays will be there tomorrow, day after tomorrow, but in a couple of days, maybe in a week, everything will be in shape and regulated. What's most important is that as a result of roadworks the capacity of Chavchavadze has increased. The Avenue now can have a flow of approximately 8 000 more people in an hour. This is the main aspect in which we can assess the rightness of the activities of the Municipality in terms of transport policy", - stated Khmaladze.



source: IPN

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