Ukraine puts Georgia on the list of red-zone countries

03.08.20 9:30

Ukraine has put Georgia on a list of red-zone countries in terms of coronavirus, according to Evropeiska Pravda.


The Ukrainian government divided countries into the red and green zones. The lists rely on two indicators: the number of patients per 100,000 people and the increase in new patients.


As of July 31, the red-zone countries are the following: Georgia, Hungary, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Poland, France, Russia, etc. These nationals will have to obtain COVID-19 test results or will face a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


The list of green-zone countries includes Sweden, Portugal, Croatia, Belarus, Great Britain, Turkey, Slovenia, Egypt, and Italy. These nationals can enter Ukraine easily without the above-mentioned requirements.


Ukraine’s Health Ministry updates the list every seven days.




source: 1TV

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