€65 mln allocated to improve water supply, sanitation in Khashuri, Georgia

31.07.20 17:30

About 40,000 people living in a Georgian town of Khashuri and its surrounding settlements will benefit from continuous water supply and wastewater services as part of a new project that the European Union and the French Development Agency are financing in the country.


The French Development Agency and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia signed today a €58 million loan to finance the reconstruction of water and sanitation utilities in Khashuri. 


The activities financed under the loan will be supplemented by a €7.15 million grant from the European Union. 


The project will also contribute to improve the quality of the water of the Kura river.


Today, water is supplied only several hours per day in the municipality and wastewater is discharged without treatment into a transboundary river, impacting negatively the environment, local livelihoods and the health of the population. 


source: AGENDA

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