Georgian Government together with international partners launches study on COVID-19 management and pandemic impact

31.07.20 16:00

The Government of Georgia has launched a large-scale study on the management of COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic with the help of international partners.


According to the press office of the Prime Minister, the partners, with whom the internal consultations on the details of the study have already been completed, the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia met today along with the Head of the Government Administration Natia Mezvrishvili.


According to the head of government, it is especially important to evaluate and analyze the measures taken by the government in the fight against the pandemic, including identifying gaps to deal more effectively with similar possible crises in the future.


The study will be conducted jointly by the UN agency and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


source: 1TV

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