Fans will be allowed to Georgian stadiums from July 31

31.07.20 11:00

From July 31, the ban imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic will be lifted and Georgian fans will be able to enter the stadiums, which means that the eighth round of the National League will be held in the presence of spectators.


“Places for guests must be determined in advance at the stadiums, there must be two free seats after each occupied place so that the number of seats occupied by the attendees does not exceed 33 percent of the total number of seats. It is necessary to conduct thermal screening and disinfect the stadium area.


GFF President Levan Kobiashvili had addressed the Georgian government with the initiative to allow spectators to sports events, and the Interagency Coordination Council made the regarding decision at its meeting on July 21, ”- the Georgian Football Federation reports.



source: 1TV


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