PM: Justice system needs certain reforms

24.07.20 13:00

The Georgian justice system needs certain reforms, - PM Giorgi Gakharia told the reporters.


Gakharia also clarified yesterday's statement and noted that there is still a lot to do in the justice system.


"What I've said about the investigation is what I had been saying when I was the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Georgian justice system needs certain reforms. This is what I said and I reiterate it. I was doing it in the Ministry of Internal Affairs too. The systemic reforms which have been started should continue. You know that the epidemic crisis, global economic crisis, and all of this coincided with each other at the same time in the country. All of that should continue. Naturally, there should be a separation in the functions of investigation in order to increase the quality of it. There is still a lot to do in the justice system. We know it very well. We have draft law, the changes are already prepared and all of this will be realized. What I've said was something different, it shouldn't be misinterpreted. I've said that we should provide more information to media and citizens in order not to leave the space for interpretation during the intense political processes when certain political groups are using the family tragedies for political purposes. It becomes more important when the investigation is ongoing and the process hasn't ended yet. This is what I said and it will be fixed. When the society lacks the information from the investigation, the media is using this and the victims of the tragedy are being used for developing certain versions. This is part of the investigation. When the investigation isn't completed yet, such positioning is immoral.", - stated Gakharia.



source: IPN

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