According to the so-called security committee, a married couple in Tskhinvali were sentenced to prison for spying for Georgia

23.07.20 11:30

The so-called supreme court of occupied South Ossetia sentenced to prison married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lipin, who had been detained by the so-called security committee on charges of spying for Georgia in July 2019.


According to the de facto security committee, the former high ranking official of the so-called presidential administration, Sergei Lipin and his wife, Nanuli Lipina (Tchulukhadze), was found guilty for treason, reports news Agency "Sputnik".


According to the same source, Mr. Lipin was sentenced 16 years, while his wife was imprisoned for 13 years. The spouses will have to also pay fine worth of 500 000 and 300 000 Rubles respectively.


The couple admitted the charges and aren't going to appeal the case.


According to the de facto security committee, the daughter of the couple who also has been suspected of spying is present to the territory controlled by Georgia.


As the so-called general prosecutor stated, Sergei Lipin conveyed the intelligence to Georgian special services and the provided information was used by Georgian Army n 2008.


Lipin admitted that he has been cooperating with Georgian special services since 2006.



source: IPN

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