Economy Minister: We're working together with EU in order for Georgia to make the final list, we're a safe country by all criteria

30.06.20 15:00

As Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, stated, Georgia meets all criteria to make the EU's safe country list. Trnava noted that the most important indicator in the list is to be epidemiologically safe.


"We work together with the EU to make the final list which will be released officially with the consent of all member states. We're a safe country by all criteria. This is the first and foremost determining factor to make the list - to be epidemiologically safe and liable, to be well-governed. Therefore, we have high hopes that the list will be released in the shortest time. We continue cooperation with the EU with regards to the procedures which most probably will be enclosed in the list but what's important is to be in it", - stated Turnava.



source: IPN

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