Armenian nationalists rejoice: “Putin has punished Georgia”! And at the same time it gives to earn the money to Armenian "trophy keepers" in Abkhazia

24.06.19 11:10

“Some of my Armenian Facebook friends are so excited about the complication of relations between Russia and Georgia, I get the impression that they “won Western Armenia” from the Turks,” writes Georgian journalist Shota Apkhaidze.

And this impression is not only his. “On the Armenian street” is a real holiday. Armenians rejoice in social networks. Including those who hate Russia.

What is the matter?

Russian President Vladimir Putin "punished Georgians." From July 8, flights of Russian airlines to Georgia are prohibited. Naturally, the Georgian tourism industry will suffer losses - which is very pleasing to the "Armenian brothers".

In addition, as it is well known, they simply dream that the enmity between Georgia and Russia will be eternal, so that no one in Russia even thinks about the need to de-occupy the territories of fraternal Orthodox Georgia, where (especially in Abkhazia) the Armenians become masters, about the return of Georgian refugees there .

“Love” and “friendship” of Armenians towards Georgia are visible with this naked eye on this example. Georgians will feel bad (especially those who are connected with the tourism business) - and the “Armenian brothers” have genuine joy.

And it's not just that thousands of people in Georgia who expected to earn money from the influx of tourists will be left without income. And many in Georgia, we remind those who live in “resort” areas, have taken, for these loans and repaired mini-hotels counting on the influx of tourists - it is now unclear how to return these loans. The fact is that the Armenian marauders and “trophy keepers” in Abkhazia had the opportunity to earn good money.

Already, in the pro-Armenian media and social networks, a campaign has begun: "Abkhazia is much better than Georgia, go on holiday to Abkhazia."

The fact that in separatist Abkhazia is a terrible crime, that Russian tourists are deceived, robbed and even killed, is now deliberately silenced. And, of course, the long-suffering, but “ancient and cultural” Armenians who control the separatist territory, who are already counting the income from renting the “trophy” property belonging to the “brothers” to the tourists.

After that, someone thinks that the Armenian nationalists at least in some ways can be “in solidarity” with Georgia? After all, any troubles and problems of Georgia and the Georgian people - the Armenian nationalists have reason for joy.

On the other hand, Armenians are demanding from Georgia “to understand their problems” with transit. And to allow transit through the occupied territories, where Armenians looted the lands and property of Georgian refugees.





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