Giorgi Gakharia says Georgia will likely host first tourists from Israel

05.06.20 17:15

According to the Prime Minister, Giorgi Gakharia, Israel will probably be the first country from which Georgia will receive tourists.


As the Prime Minister stated at the meeting with representatives of the tourism sector in the Imereti region, the government is doing its best to gradually solve the problems caused by a coronavirus.


"We understand that this is a difficult time, especially for people employed in the tourism sector. I can't tell you that everything will change in one day and everything will be fine, but we hope that we will recover slowly, step by step. It will take about a year, but we all need to understand that we need to work together”, the PM said.


According to him, the pandemic is a global challenge and we cannot deal with it alone.


“We are working very actively in a bilateral format, with specific states, and the first one seems to be Israel, from which we will host tourists, and of course, there are two main directions for Israel - Kutaisi first and then Batumi. That's why we have to be ready, "said the Prime Minister.




source: IPN

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