Giorgi Gakharia: We, a small country, will prove to everyone that we managed the crisis effectively and adapted to it

01.06.20 13:45

Our main task is to follow the rules, - Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said at a briefing after the Coordination Council meeting.


According to the Prime Minister, every citizen should wear a mask and observe social distance.


"We need our citizens to maintain order, wear masks, observe social distance and take care of each other and, most importantly, take care of the economy of our country. Trust me, we will come out even stronger and Georgia, a small country, will be able to prove to everyone that it managed the crisis effectively, adapted to the crisis and strengthened the healthcare system to quickly identify the virus and return citizens and visitors to economic activity. We must be one of the first countries to open tourism, so we must follow the rules," Gakharia said.




source: IPN

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