Georgia reopens all kinds of open shops, including malls

01.06.20 10:25

All kinds of open shops, including malls, have been opened in Georgia today. The relevant decision was made by Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia at the Interagency Coordination Council meeting.


Shops and malls will have to follow special rules. Among them, before entering the facility, the customer must undergo thermoscreening. The temperature of the citizen should not exceed 36.9. Customers must be equipped with personal protective equipment, personal face masks, and must observe social distancing.


According to the recommendations approved by the Minister of Health, fitting rooms have not been canceled, however, the rooms must be disinfected at 2-hour intervals. Complete disinfection should be carried out at the end of the working day as well.


The document also restricts the number of people in the building and recommends safe ventilation.


Shopping centers were closed in Georgia due to the coronavirus pandemic on March 19.





source: IPN


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