Construction should not be suspended for a second

28.05.20 15:30

We must do our best to continue building this country. Construction should not be suspended for a second, - Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia said at the meeting with representatives of the construction sector.


According to him, the country's success in terms of controlling the virus will lose its value if we do not gradually open up our economy.


"Everyone should understand that if we control the speed and geography of the virus today, it does not mean that we have defeated the virus, it means that we control the virus and the quality of control depends directly on how we behave, how we follow the recommendations of health professionals, how we take care of each other. But as a nation, we all understand that our success in controlling the virus will lose its value and meaning, if we do not gradually open up our economy, if we do not restore our economy as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why we are gathered here. The first anti-crisis plan was aimed at supporting the tourism sector. The second one was intended for agriculture and farmers and the third one was focused on education. Today we are talking about the fourth plan, the target of which is construction and development,” Giorgi Gakharia said.


According to him, construction before the pandemic accounted for 9% of the country's domestic product.


"It was the fastest growing sector and in addition to the fact that 120,000 people are employed in this sector directly, the same number is employed indirectly. Construction materials, furniture, appliances, repair works – all these businesses depend on the construction sector. Of course, this plan does not mean that we only help the development companies, it means that we help our citizens”, the PM said.





source: IPN

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