APM Terminals Poti Employee Support Fund

28.05.20 12:00

APM Terminals Poti “Employee Support Fund” already counts its second year of existence. With another name of Emergency Response Fund, Employee Support Fund actively helps our employees and their family members in various emergencies. Fund, created in April 2018 and financed by employees and company’s doubled share, has already, fully or partially, covered 177 critical cases, which sums up to 207,000 Gel.


“Our port has implemented a very important idea - Employee Support Fund, in which our colleagues and management are actively involved. Coworkers often contact us for family members’ medical emergencies and this fund has supported a number of them. I wish health to all of us, yet no one is guaranteed from such problems. That’s why I want everyone to realize how mattering it is, what a great help we give together and be more active. I’m proud to be the part of this fund and I feel it during every fund transaction I make!” – Lali Salakaia, Accountant.


APM Terminals Poti has long ago established an internal unit of Employee Relations Committee, which aims at discussing possible challenges, issues, or problems our colleagues might have about the job or outside the working life. The idea of establishing an Employee Support Fund has emerged exactly at one of the ERC meetings.


Our Employees and Constant Care for the work and the colleagues are amongst the core values of our company and it is of high importance for all our big team (company and the employees), that everyday life factors and mix-ups, might potentially impact on the emotional state of employees, working environment and the productivity as well, both – positively and negatively. Apart from this, we do believe, that team spirit, friendly relations, and hope has huge power and ensures positive outcomes for the entire organization.


“Within the presence of our fund, many good things have been done. When you have support during hard times, it is a big relief and therefore, our employees are hugely grateful and satisfied, which makes us happy too. This is a light of hope in troublesome situations. I want to thank everyone for this hope!” - Tea Gvasalia, ERC Member.


Together with the help in emergency cases, it was ERC members' will to share their colleagues' happy moments too. For this reason, fund gifts employees, who have a newborn, with a humble present, useful from the very first days of the baby.


Majority of the cases is related to the health emergencies, although lately, Novel Coronavirus outbreak has caused many other challenges as well; for this reason, fund’s resources were directed for the air ticket needs of our employees and their family members, who could not return to Georgia due to Covid-19 flight restrictions, specifically for financial problems.


More than 70% of Poti Sea Port Corporation's entire staff is voluntarily engaged in the fund organization. Fund’s slogan “Together for All” expresses its importance for each of our workers.




source: IPN

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