Amiran Gamkrelidze to Russian Foreign Ministry: Come and see how we work

27.05.20 17:10

“Come and see how we work,” Amiran Gamkrelidze, head of the Center for Disease Control, said responding to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


According to Gamkrelidze, speculative thoughts are based on political motives, which are related to the partnership between Georgia and the United States.


“There is just a political motive and the fact that the United States is Georgia's main partner. Yes, the main partner of our country is the United States, and once again I thank the US government for providing such tremendous assistance to the country. I don't want to talk about it openly, you know the existed situation in our neighboring countries and in the country that accuses us related to the Lugar [Lab]. Russia is ranked third in the world for the number of confirmed cases. We call on them: come and see how we work. We have repeatedly offered them to work on common themes together, their journalists have visited all the laboratories of the Lugar Center, nothing is hidden. We are very transparent, ”Gamkrelidze said.


According to TASS, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia is waiting for a response from Georgia to the request of Russian specialists to enter the Richard Lugar Laboratory, as Moscow is concerned about the lack of information about the work of the laboratory.




source: IPN

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